Sewer Inspection Services

A sewer camera inspection determines the condition of a home’s sewer system and whether the system is functioning properly. A standard home inspection does not cover the structural integrity or the sewer line conditions. Having a sewer line video inspection before purchasing a property makes your decision an educated and proactive process, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in the future.

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Advantages of video camera line inspection

No Guesswork

During video camera line inspection, radio transmitters on the camera record the depth and physical location from the surface of any defect or obstructions so that your technician can accurately diagnose and solve any drain line concerns. There is no guesswork, so your problems will be resolved quickly and cost effectively.

Identify All Problems

A video camera line inspection pipe will identify all types of problems, such as root intrusion and pipe that is misaligned, broken, punctured, off-grade or corroded. The camera also identifies grease buildup, leaks and obstructions. The inspection can be repeated after any service is performed to verify that the line has been properly cleaned or repaired.

Peace of Mind

A sewer camera inspection provides the home buyer or investor assurance that the sewer line is functioning properly, and evaluates if any damage needs replacement or repair. Often times, buyers and investors discover afterwards that the home’s sewer line is broken and needs to be replaced. Sewer line replacements can be expensive and cost $10,000 or more.

How camera line inspection works

Our certified and professionally trained technician inserts a flexible rod with a high-resolution video camera on its tip into pipes from 2 inches to 36 inches in diameter. The flexible rod allows the camera to travel through the pipe—even around corners—to see the pipe in its entirety. Real-time video image transmission allows the technician to determine the condition of the inside of the pipe and understand any existing or potential problems.

The office will email a digital report with video to the buyer paying for the service; and anyone whose email was listed on the order, for example, the buyer’s realtor, home inspector, or the current home owner.

Video cameras have become one of the most valuable tools in the sewer & septic business. Specially made waterproof cameras allow for a visual inspection of sewer lines and other pipes that are underground, in cement and under your home’s foundation.

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