We are a family owned and locally operated Septic Tank Cleaning, Pumping & Repair Service Company located just outside of College Corner, Indiana.

After buying a house in West College Corner, Indiana in July 2012, the Groen’s would shortly find out about true “country living”. They were used to city living where you can use the water and sewage as much as you want without a care in the world, beside the water bill. After an incident that required lots of laundry and back to back showers for the 6 residents, they proceeded to run the well dry and flooded out the septic system.

After days waiting on getting the septic serviced they happened upon a super nice gentleman from Greensburg, Indiana who came down and helped them out. Aaron and this great guy hit it off so well that the guy decided to show him the trade. He said that “I’m not looking for an employee and after 30 days of training I’ll buy you lunch and shake hands and we’ll part ways”. Well 30 training days later he bought my lunch, shook hands and he wished me well. In December of 2012 Aaron and Goldie Groen bought their first Septic Service truck, a 1987 International truck with a 2000 gallon Amthor steel tank, in a little town of Altoona, Pennsylvania. Oddly enough Aaron’s father was born in the very same little town. In November of 2015 Aaron and Goldie Groen bought their second Septic Service truck, a 2001 International truck with a 2500 gallon PresVac aluminum tank.

After our humble beginnings we found out how “bad” septic service in our area could be and strive to never let our customers be forced into waiting four days without plumbing, no return calls, or the worst: a no show that resulted in the company turning off their cell phone. That is why we have adopted the tagline of “Fast & Dependable”. Fast to call you back and provide service & Dependable to show up when we are scheduled to be there.

The Groen’s live in Indiana on a mini-farm with their 4 kids. Aaron plays an active part in his church. Goldie works at a mental health agency and teaches dance in her spare time. The main focus in the Groen’s lives still remains, to always put God first.
Thanks and have a blessed day!